Who is it for?

The Jesus Journey Survey is intended primarily for those interested in following Jesus within their community of faith. It assumes a minimum of 50 participants so that the statistical reports can be meaningfully interpreted. That said, smaller groups may take the survey and discuss it anecdotally with great beneficial effect.

While our primary focus is that of the local church, we anticipate that there will be a secondary application for individuals who are in relationship with a life coach or spiritual advisor / director. (We do not have plans for the survey to be taken by individual persons in isolation as we feel strongly that growth in one’s spiritual journey is best realized within the context of community.)

How many questions are there?

There are 63 questions in three categories: our beliefs, our life with God and our actions that express our beliefs and relationship.

How long does the survey take to complete?

The survey takes approximately 10 – 20 minutes to complete.

Is it possible to add more questions?

It is not possible to add or adjust questions in the survey.

Can you review the questions before ordering?

A sample of the questions can be previewed before ordering by downloading the sample church report.

Is there a minimum age limit?

The survey is designed to be taken by persons 16 years old and over.

How is the survey taken?

The survey can be taken on any computer or handheld device.

Is there a paper option?

A local church can print paper copies of the survey but they will then need to be entered into a computer to have the results tabulated.

Is the survey available in other languages?

The survey is presently only available in English.

What is the minimum number of participants necessary in order to do the survey?

In order for the data to have statistical validity there must be a sample size of a minimum of 50 people participating. Smaller groups can take the survey but the debrief will need to take a different form (largely discussion reflecting on their individual results).

How much does the survey cost to take?

Pricing is based on the number of people in the church who are 16 years old and over. For multi-campus / site churches, these costs would apply to each campus / site that conducts the survey and receives a report.

Up to 200 = $200
201 – 400 = $350
401 – 700 = $550*
701 – 1500 = $800*
Over 1500 = $1300*

*Includes additional custom reports for subgroups of a minimum of 100 people such as youth, young adults, etc.

Who is able to see the church reports?

The church report will be sent to the senior pastor / leader of the church and / or to whomever is designated on the order form. This report discloses no identifying information about participants.

What additional reports are available?

Larger churches with over 400 respondents can run some special reports for selected subgroups of a minimum of 100 people such as youth, young adults, etc.

Who is able to see the individual reports?

Individual feedback reports are completely confidential and will only be seen by the individual taking the survey.

What coaching and support is offered upon request?

Upon ordering, each church will gain access to an online package that will aid them in preparing to run the survey. They will also receive a debriefing package that will guide them through interpreting the results of the survey and initiating healthy growth conversations with key constituencies in their church community.

We will post on our website examples from local churches that have experienced very helpful results from the survey and post the best of what they have done to effect positive change.

On a limited basis, it will be possible to contract a trained mentor who can guide an effective debriefing process. This will primarily be made available to groups of churches who wish to have us train some of their own people to be able to assist their churches to move from the survey to strategic action. Requests for debrief facilitation can be made by email to info@jesusjourney.life.

How frequently should the survey be taken?

For a local church setting it is probably optimal to take the survey every two years. Our intention is to further develop the survey so that any later survey shows a comparison over the two year period.

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